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Recovery From an Eating Disorder and a new School Year

Going back to school calls for a change in routine, which inevitably causes some stress during the beginning of the school year. A person with an eating disorder may feel even more pressure during this time because transitions and changes in schedules create high risks for eating disorder relapse.

Amongst all the issues at school, like peer pressure, grades and having the right look an eating disorder sufferer may not want to burden their family with their issues related to food. Social media also adds pressure by creating a platform for constant body image comparison.

Eating disorders start with what appears to be controlling food and weight, but it can spiral into an out of control avenue for covering up overwhelming emotions by severely limiting food or binging and purging. These are two very dangerous lifestyle choices.

Research has shown that 40-50% of adolescent girls engage in crash dieting, laxatives, fasting and self-induced vomiting. It is critical that parents of sufferers continue to be involved with their child, even if the child is going to therapy or treatment.

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